Tips for an effective and successful job search

By Zoe Taylor

The job search can be daunting and it’s often hard to know where to start. We’ve got some tips for you that will help optimise your job search.

Narrow your search before you start looking
Before you jump on the job search website, narrow down the kind of job/s that you’re interested in. In our last blog post, Steps to finding the right career path for you, we provided you with some steps for determining the right job for you.

It’s important to establish this prior to starting your search as you will have a strong direction, which will help you avoid a broad search that turns up hundreds or thousands of results for you to go through.

Don’t stray from your chosen field
Make sure that you stick to your chosen field. If you find yourself applying for jobs that ‘sort of’ fit the description of the job you’re after, steer yourself away from these! The more you allow this, the further away from your dream job you’ll drift.


Do your research
Look into the companies that post the job ads. Learn everything you can about them and decide whether they are the type of company you’d like to work for, and the type of company you can actually see yourself working for. This is important because it can help in ensuring that you don’t end up working for a company that you will be unhappy in.

Don’t apply for everything
The worst thing you can do is apply for every single job that you find in your chosen field. Read the descriptions and make sure each one applies to your abilities and what you truly want to do. This relates to the previous point about doing research also – make sure each company you apply for is one you actually want to work for.

Proof read everything
Don’t send the wrong CV to the wrong applications manager…it can happen and it does make you look unprofessional and contradicts the ‘attention to detail’ skill you may list on your CV! It’s fine to use a similar template for each cover letter and email, however it’s vital that you check that the name and company corresponds with the company you are applying for a position at. There’s nothing worse than sending a cover letter or email to company X that was actually meant for company Y…and it certainly won’t improve your chances of getting the job!

For help in finding the right career path for you, or for useful tips on areas such as studying, call 1800 143 080 or visit to contact one of our friendly career advisors!

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