Seasonal Studying

By Zoe Taylor

Have you ever considered the idea that the seasons in a year influence how well we study and learn? A lot of aspects have an influence on a person’s motivation, including the time of day, certain things that are happening in a person’s life and what it is that they’re working for, so the idea that the time of year can influence these things too isn’t so far fetched.

The change of a season influences our mindset, the way we dress, what we eat and even our sleeping patterns. So it makes sense that it would change the way we study and learn too.

Seasons have a huge influence on our moods. When your favourite season comes around, you’ll be in a better mood and more likely motivated to study for those three months. Your least favourite season will have a negative impact on your mindset and make it more difficult for you to find motivation.

There’s absolutely nothing you can do about the seasons changing, but you can find ways to make up for the missing elements that have a positive impact on your mood in your least favourite seasons.


Think about what it is that makes you happiest during, for example, summer. Is it the warm, bright light from the sun? Try replicating this by studying in a bright, warm space (e.g. your room with all the lights and your heater on). Perhaps it’s the ability to study outside – you can still do this in winter! Rug up, grab a coffee/hot chocolate and go to your favourite park to study!

This idea can apply to any aspect of life. In our blog post How to keep up your New Year Momentum, we cover the idea of stretching the strong motivation you feel at the start of the year all the way through to December.

Finding ways to replicate your favourite season is going to make it easier for you to create a positive atmosphere for studying all year round, which will lead to higher quality work and a higher retention rate of the information you take in.

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