How to always be in the mindset to do coursework

By Zoe Taylor

“But I’m not in the mood to do my assignment…and I really want to watch that movie!”

It’s hard to force yourself to do coursework when you’re the only one who really has control over what you do. Studying online requires lots of motivation, and we’ve got some ways that can help you maintain that motivation and stay in the mood for course work!

Break it up
If you do little bits of your assignment in small chunks, you’re more likely to get it finished and less likely to procrastinate. Your work is going to be less daunting this way and you won’t have any reason to put it off. Have breaks in between doing your work as a mini-reward for completing each part and you’ll be more motivated to keep going.

I’ll just do 5 minutes…
If you commit to at least 5-10 minutes of doing coursework, you’re more likely to commit to continuing on and doing another 5-10 minutes, and so on and so forth. Promising to spend a tiny amount of time on something seems much less challenging than setting aside an hour or so. Once the time you set aside is up, there’s a strong change you’ll already be so invested in what you’re doing, you won’t want to stop!


Reward yourself
Set aside rewards for yourself – an hour of television, a slice of cake, a bubble bath – whatever it is, make it something you’d be satisfied with having after finishing your study for the day, and make it exclusive to study rewards. Mix it up and keep it interesting. Rewards are excellent motivators for any task, so take advantage of this handy tactic!

Seek external motivation
If you can’t motivate yourself, find people who are going to do the motivating for you. Get your friends and family to motivate you to do your coursework by, for example, sending you encouraging messages or not agreeing to catch up with you until you’ve finished certain sections. Find a study buddy so that you don’t have to study alone and you can encourage each other to complete your work.

Mix it up
Change when you study, where you study and how you study each time. Study in the morning, afternoon or night and change it up each day or week. Go to the park, beach, a cafe or just stay at home and move around to different rooms in your house. Write or type notes, create flashcards, move around, read the notes out loud or create mind maps or drawings relating to the content. Mixing it up and exploring your options not only keeps your study sessions interesting, but can also help you discover how, when and where you learn best.

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