The Importance of Finding a Mentor

By Zoe Taylor

Mentors are your best friends when it comes to success. They help you in a myriad of different ways, allowing you to excel and achieve your career goals.

A mentor is someone to look up to from a career perspective, and can give you tips to help you succeed in both your course and your career. They assist you with your networking – they are already in the industry you’re striving towards and will know the right people to put you in touch with to get you on the right path.

Their life experience allows them to give you relevant and helpful advice on your career path. They’ve been where you are now, so they know exactly what position you’re in and what steps you need to take in order to succeed.

Your mentor knows how to keep you motivated, and is someone that you can talk to when you’re feeling discouraged about your career.


Now, all this is great…but how do you go about actually finding a mentor? Well, a mentor could come from anywhere. They could be a family member or family friend, a teacher, a friend of a friend, or a guest speaker that comes to your school or workplace.

Put effort into your search for a mentor – ask everyone you know if they know someone who would suit. Email your boss. Put a call out on Facebook. Talk to everyone – including your local butcher! You never know who might happen to know someone willing and able to mentor you!

For help in finding the right career path for you, or for useful tips on areas including studying and finding success, call 1800 143 080 or visit to contact one of our friendly career advisors!

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