Create the Perfect Portfolio

By Zoe Taylor

Portfolios are important in any creative industry, especially one involving Graphic Design, Photography and so on. But how do you put one together? Where do you start? We’ve got some great tips for you on creating the design and layout of your portfolio.

This doesn’t have to be long, just a brief paragraph on who you are, your areas of expertise and what you’re presenting to the viewer in your portfolio. It’s a good idea to write this last, so that you can set out your folio exactly the way you want it, then sum up what you’ve done accurately.

Contents Page and Sections
Sort your folio into sections, whether they be posters, websites, photos or logos for example, and give each section a page number. Then sort the titles into a contents page so that the reader can easily navigate to a section that most interests them or that most suits the situation (whether it be for a particular job or an application to a College).


Choose the perfect layout
Will you display 4 images per page, with a feature page here and there for your favourite works? Or will you have a few feature pages in a row, with some sample pages of an array of smaller projects? It’s up to you – whatever you do choose, though, make sure it’s consistent and works for the designs you’re showcasing.

Make it stand out
It’s important that yours stands out from the rest of the portfolios. But how is that possible when you have no idea what other people’s portfolios look like? The best thing to do is make the folio come from you and represent who you are. There’s no one else out there like you, so if you design a portfolio that tells your story, you’re bound to be set apart from the rest.

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