Creating a Study Timetable on a Constantly Changing Schedule

By Zoe Taylor

It’s impossible to create a definitive timetable when you have an ever-changing schedule. Whether it’s your work, social or general life schedule that changes constantly, you can create a flexible, easily changeable timetable to suit your lifestyle and ensure you stay on track.

Of course, it can be inconvenient and tedious to create a new timetable once a week. So we’ve got some tips for you on keeping a constant timetable that can fit into your changing schedule.

If you work on a casual basis, you are almost always able to tell your employer when you can and cannot work. Whatever hours you give to your employer as your availability to work, mark them down in your weekly calendar as actual work hours. That way you can fit the rest of your tasks, such as studying, socialising, free time, etc., around these hours, and if you don’t work for some of the hours one week, that time can be used for study sessions.


So even if your shifts are ever-changing, you’re still able to maintain some consistency in your schedule. If you have to give your employer your availability on a regular basis (once a week, fortnight or month), continue to give them the same available hours to keep up a consistent schedule.

This method works for all aspects of life, not just work. If any other part of your life changes on a regular basis, for example social life, exercise or volunteer work, you can block out your timetable in the same way as you would with a casual job.

An alternative to this is using a whiteboard and ruling up a timetable in permanent marker, blocking out blank spaces where you might be working (or exercising, etc.). The sections of your timetable that don’t change would be in permanent marker also, and anything that changes on a constant basis would be in whiteboard marker so you can change them as necessary.

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