Finding Your Online Study Buddy

By Zoe Taylor
If you work better with company, a study buddy is a really beneficial buddy to have. They’re someone you can bounce ideas off, gain knowledge from and stay motivated with throughout your course. But if you don’t know anyone who’s doing the same online course as you, how can you find someone in your course to study with if you’re studying online?

When you log into your online course portal, there are opportunities to contribute to various forums that relate to your course, which not only allows you to gain insight into the topics further and get inspired by your class mate’s thoughts and ideas, but also allows you to voice your own ideas and ask questions. As your course goes on, you’ll start to see how many people are contributing, and therefore who the more dedicated students are. You can also see from the posts and comments people are making which of your class mates think like you do, making them a suitable study buddy.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community7

It’s important that you show initiative when you interact in the forums. Create your own forum topics and see who responds – they could be someone you’ll work well with.

You’re also able to chat to classmates in a private chat, which can allow you to get to know them a little more. You can ask a range of questions from why they’re doing the course to what their opinion is on a particular topic in the course. You can further gauge how well you relate to the person, how enthusiastic and dedicated they are, and how well you might work with them.

Remember that you don’t have to see your study buddy in person. While you may be in Melbourne, they could be in Sydney or Queensland. You can use Skype, phone calls or even just the online chat to share ideas and work together on assessments. That’s the beauty of online education and communication.

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