Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

By Zoe Taylor

An elevator pitch is a quick 20-30 second spiel (about the length of an elevator ride) about who you are, what you do and how you want to progress. It’s important to have one up your sleeve at all times because you never know who you might bump into – networking opportunities can pop up at any time!

To write your elevator pitch, start with your name and include a sentence or two explaining what you do. If you’re studying a particular course relating to your dream job, include the name of the course and the key things you’re getting out of it. It also helps to include why you’re doing it – do you have an end goal? – and even include a statement about what sets you apart from the crowd. Then, to ensure this pitch creates a conversation between you and the person you’re pitching too, finish with a question.


Here’s an example: “Hi, my name is John Smith. I’m studying a Diploma of Business Administration to further my communication, management leadership and customer service skills, because I’m interested in working in Admin and working my way up to a Practise Managing position. I have quite a few innovative ideas on running the administration sector of a business, and I’m excited to work on them and initiate them in my workplace. What kinds of services does your company provide?”

Once you’ve established your pitch, write it down and practise it a few times so that you’re always prepared. However don’t over practise. You don’t have to have every single word down to a tee. Just make sure you know the main points and don’t allow yourself to stray from these. This will allow you to be more natural when you’re pitching – if you recite your pitch word for word every single time, it can seem robotic and insincere. Also, it’s important that you speak at a normal pace – not too fast and not too slow – and leave gaps to take a breath at appropriate times to allow the person you’re speaking to the opportunity to interject and ask questions.

Once you’ve established your elevator pitch,  you can use it in situations like job interviews, meet-and-greets/mixers, conferences – pretty much any time someone says ‘So, tell me about yourself!’

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