How to keep up your New Year Momentum

By Zoe Taylor

Once the New Year rolls around, everyone is left feeling energised and ready for the next 12 months. We start off the year with a lot of momentum, but that soon starts to fizzle out. So how do you keep that momentum going?

What is it about the New Year that makes us feel so refreshed and ready for the months ahead? It could be that you’ve just had a break from school or work, and have been able to relax and celebrate new beginnings. The key there is the break – so allow yourself to take one every few months. Not a long one, just a few days to relax, recharge your batteries and be ready and raring for the next few months. By breaking your year into segments like this, you can avoid the exhaustion that hits you in December.

Or perhaps it’s because you’ve made resolutions to eat better, work harder or exercise more and you’re feeling good about these promises to yourself. It’s important to keep these promises, because you’ll not only be better for it, you’ll feel better for it. Check out this blog post for some tips on keeping your New Year’s Resolutions.

Perhaps the readiness stems from the fact that you’ve had a lot of ‘me time’ and have let yourself enjoy the things you love because it’s the Christmas/New Year break and you’re “allowed to”. Who says you can’t have “me time” when it’s not the holidays? Why can’t you block out time on a Saturday to go on a shopping spree, see a movie or simply stay at home and play video games or read a book? You may not be able to allow as much time for your favourite activities as you can over the end of year break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t allow any time at all for them!


Or maybe it’s the time you’ve spent with family and friends – maybe you need to schedule more of that as well, because this is going to make you feel happy and remind you that you’re not alone. That’s important because once you start to feel like you’re alone, or lacking proper human connection, your motivation drops.

Try to recreate that end-of-year feeling all year round so that you can be at your very best every month!

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