Make 2015 Your Year!

By Zoe Taylor

HappyNewYearSometimes when we’re afraid to take the leap, we come up with a list of excuses as to why we can’t go ahead, and then we regret not just taking the leap when we had the chance. December is a month of reflection on the year that was, and whether you’re happy or disappointed with your year, have no regrets. Start off in 2015 with a bang, and make it your year!

Set goals
Yes, we mention goal setting a lot. But it’s so important because it helps you establish a clear pathway and plan for any occasion! By setting goals for next year, you can map out your year and determine exactly what it is that you want to have achieved by the 31st of December 2015. Stick to your New Year’s Resolution/s because these are the goals that you’ll be most proud of if you’ve stuck by them at the end of the year!

Do whatever it takes
Be willing and ready to do whatever it takes to make 2015 your year. Sometimes success comes from unexpected places or from doing unexpected things.You might have to start working harder and longer than you thought. You could even need to start looking down alternative routes – going to a mixer/meet-and-greet could mean you meet someone who can give you advice or help with getting your dream job. You might even need to study a new qualification to further your skills and/or refresh what you already know.

Don’t be afraid to fail
Everyone fails. It’s just human nature. It’s a way of life. Learn from your mistakes, and use the knowledge gained from your experience moving forward. You could fail many times, but the most important thing is to see failures as lessons, and not to give up because every failed attempt is going to make your next attempt successful.

Don’t give in to time
Make time your friend, not your enemy. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have enough time, but rather find ways to make time for your goals. They’re highly important and should take priority on your to-do list, because achieving them will ultimately lead to success and happiness!

Make it yours early
If one of the things you’ve been wanting to change is your career path, you can start on that right now – you don’t even have to wait until the new year! One of the best things about online education is that you don’t have to wait until the next semester begins, because there is a new intake every couple of weeks! That means that if you enrol today, you don’t have to wait until 2015 to begin! You can get a head start on all the others who will start weeks, even months after you.

Don’t forget your ‘me-time’
Taking time for yourself is important because it helps you maintain your motivation and keep your eye on the prize. Indulging in the finer things helps you re-charge your batteries and clear your mind so that you can stay focused.

Don’t stress out
Easier said than done, but it is important that you keep your stress levels under control. Too much stress can cloud your judgement and lower your motivation. This will make it harder to work towards your goals for 2015.

Have a wonderful 2015, and don’t forget to make it yours!

For help in finding the right career path for you, or for useful tips on areas including studying and finding success, call 1800 143 080 or visit to contact one of our friendly career advisors!

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