How to get inspired when you hit a creative wall

By Zoe Taylor

Whether you’re a writer, designer, filmmaker, business manager, lawyer, scientist or student, you’re always going to have to use some creativity in what you do. People hear the word ‘creativity’ and they think of art, whether it be painted art, written art, or digital art. This is partly true, however the arts industry is not the only industry that requires creativity.

Every single person in all walks of life needs to draw upon their creative side (often referred to as the right side of the brain) every single day. Managers and business owners have to stay creative when it comes to keeping their staff motivated and their business tactics fresh. Scientist have to think outside the box when they’re experimenting or researching, because not everything is as straight forward in science as may seem. Lawyers have to come up with fresh tactics and push the boundaries of their thinking in order to win their cases. Students have to stray from the sidewalk with their assignments to stand out from the others and achieve high marks.

Sometimes though, we hit a creative wall and just lack inspiration, leading to lack of motivation to complete the tasks. In order to find that missing inspiration, there are a number of things you could do:

Map it out
Create a colourful, detailed or image-filled mind map from the information you already have on your project, and start branching out from there. This is a great way to determine how different topics interconnect, as well as come up with new ideas that link into the ones you’ve already come up with.


Take an interest in Pinterest
Pinterest is a gold mine when it comes to inspiration. There are pictures and links about absolutely everything you can imagine. Start a new ‘pin board’, type in your topic and see what images you’re presented with! They’re bound to inspire you.

Exercising can free the mind. A lot of the time, creative blocks come from tension built up whilst sitting in front of your computer and forcing ideas. Taking a walk, going for a run or doing some yoga relaxes you and allows you to gain a new perspective when you go back to work.

Move down the list
What’s next on your to-do list? Similar to exercising, moving onto the next task on your list can help clear your head. It takes your mind of the topic you’re stumped on, and when you go back to it you might just find that you’ve discovered a new perspective.

Start a discussion
Sometimes the perspective of someone outside the project can spark new ideas. Find someone you’re comfortable talking to, tell them about your project and bounce ideas off them – they’re bound to have a new perspective that will help reignite your inspiration.

Watch some TED Talks
TED Talks are incredibly inspiring, and you can find ones on a wide variety of topics – from building your creative confidence to “Mathemagic”.

All of these strategies help you find inspiration in unique ways – go on, try one today!

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