The Keys To Happiness Part 8: Do what you love.

By Zoe Taylor

I’m pretty lucky, I get to do what I love every single day of the week. And as far out as it might sound, you can too. See, a lot of us get stuck in this mind frame that if you do what you really love, if you do what you really set out to do, you won’t make any money from it. This is completely untrue.

We grow up being told that only certain careers will truly bring us success, but ask yourself this: are you really successful if you’re making money doing something you hate? Obviously, we all need to start somewhere. Whether it’s working at McDonalds, Target, or your local café, gaining experience in the workforce is vital for any job. But at some point, you have to take the leap.

I was told by a lot of people that the industry I want to work in (the creative industry) is purely a pipe dream. Little did they know that every single time they told me I can’t, it made me more motivated to prove that I can. And I did. I studied my chosen field, worked hard and now I’m here, working for Colleges Online, doing what I love to do. And I can tell you honestly that I am so happy because of it.

I chose to get slightly personal in the final instalment of The Keys To Happiness, because of all people I understand how hard it is to believe that you can actually make a living on what you love without true accounts of people who have done just that.

So just do it. Work hard and really try to achieve your goals. Understand that it takes time and hard work, and be willing to do it. You’ll never look back.


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