10 Ways to Enjoy the Summer While You Study

By Zoe Taylor

I don’t know about you, but summer is my favourite time of year. Just because you’re working hard towards your diploma or degree, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy our warmest season! We’ve got 10 great ways to enjoy the summer while you study.

  1. Study outside – in your back yard or at the local park.
  2. Eat summery foods while you study, e.g. watermelon or an icy pole.
  3. Have your study break at the pool…or even better, the beach!
  4. If you’re studying inside, try and study in a room with a lot of windows, and let that sun shine through!
  5. Have a barbecue and invite your peers over for a study session in the sun!
  6. Create a summer playlist with all your favourite songs to listen to at the hottest time of the year!
  7. Book a room at a beach hotel that has free wifi, and have a ‘study vacation’.
  8. Use bright colours in your notes to match those of Summertime!
  9. Mix some lemon or lime juice into your water for some DIY cordial, or mix in cucumber slices to make your water extra refreshing
  10. Write your notes out in chalk on the sidewalk or on your front/backyard pavement.



Have fun while you study this summer, and make sure you soak in some sun!

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