The Keys To Happiness Part 7: The Power of Positive Thinking

By Zoe Taylor

Positive thinking is a powerful thing.  It seems so obvious, but a lot of the time we don’t harness this power, and this results in negative attitudes, results and feelings.

However, when someone says to you ‘think positive!’ when you’re not in a particularly positive mood, it’s much easier said than done. But it really works. Pushing those negative thoughts out and forcing yourself to think positively is a serious mood booster. Instead of telling you to think positive all the time ‘because it will give you good results’, it’s better to back that statement up with some true facts and stories, just to show you how powerful it can be.

Jon Gordon, a best-selling author and keynote speaker wrote an article about the benefits of staying positive. Some of the most interesting points in his article are that:

  • Positive people who regularly express positive emotions are more resilient when facing stress, challenges and adversity
  • Positive people have more friends, which is another important factor when it comes to happiness
  • Optimistic sales people sell more than pessimistic sales people


Staying positive and looking on the bright side of things also has a tremendous impact on your health and well being, as well as your stress and anxiety levels because it releases endorphins, which are your brain’s opiate receptors that make you less sensitive to pain. They also create a sense of pleasure, making you feel happy, empowered and just great in general! Smiling, laughing and even just thinking about the things that make you happiest in life a provide psychological triggers for endorphin release.

How cool is that? All you have to do is think about things that make you happy and positive things will happen to you! Go on, give it a try!

And don’t forget to come back here next week for the final instalment of ‘The Keys To Happiness’!

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