The Keys To Happiness Part 6: Indulge

By Zoe Taylor

The chocolate binge. The lazy Sunday afternoon movie marathon. The epic 2:30pm sleep-in. The expensive day at the spa. All those indulgent things that we can’t seem to find the time for anymore. It’s time to start scheduling in some days of indulgence for the good of your well-being.

If you allow yourself to indulge in something you wouldn’t usually do every now and again, your spirits are guaranteed to be lifted, leaving you feeling great for a long time.

If you want to do nothing but lie in bed all day catching up on your favourite TV show, then do it! Or maybe you want to go for some retail therapy because you’ve got a little extra spending money this week and would really love a new pair of shoes. It could even be as simple as sleeping all day…whatever it is, set aside a day for it and let yourself indulge.


Or perhaps it’s not an activity that lifts your spirits, but rather that favourite cheese cake of yours that you haven’t had in three months because you were ‘trying to be good’. Go ahead. Have a slice for dessert tonight. Or eat a whole block of your favourite chocolate. And don’t feel guilty about it. Some call these mind, body and soul foods, because while they might not be good for our health, they’re certainly good for our mental well-being and generally lifting the spirits.

Obviously, if you repeat these indulgent activities on a regular basis, they’re going to end up losing their effect. So it’s important that you make them rare treats that you can turn to when you need your spirits lifted (of course, if you start to ‘need your spirits lifted’ every second day, that’s getting a little on the ‘too regular’ side).

Don’t forget to come back here next week for the next instalment of ‘The Keys To Happiness’!

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