The Keys to Happiness Part 5: Don’t Rush.

By Zoe Taylor

If you rush through life you’re going to miss out on the opportunity to appreciate the small things. More than that, you’ll increase your stress level. Give yourself time to do things, take a breath and enjoy what’s going on around you, while it’s happening.

Rainbow_Rose_(3366550029)Embrace the small things.
Ever heard of that saying ‘stop and smell the roses’? It literally means you should take time to stop and enjoy the little things in life that bring you joy. Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate a beautiful bright blue sky, or a group of daisies growing in the green spring grass, or a photo of you and a loved one that brings back funny, happy memories. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just has to bring you joy. If you slow down, you’ll have more opportunity to enjoy these things.

“But I Don’t Have Time!”
You should always have time for your happiness and well being. If you’re struggling to find just ten minutes in your day to indulge in the finer things, then something needs to change. Something has to be rearranged so that you can take a few minutes to breathe, to relax, to recharge your batteries.

Make time for calm.
If you usually get up at, say, 7:00am to get to work at 9:00am, and every single morning is a stressful rush to shower, eat breakfast, etc., try changing your wakeup time to 6:30am.It may mean getting up half an hour earlier, but what it also means if you have an extra thirty minutes to get everything done at a calm pace in the mornings. Be careful though, if you take that half an hour for granted you’ll end up rushing in the end anyway. Just go at a steady pace, allow yourself to take a breath here and there, and you’ll feel stress levels start to drop, and your happiness levels start to rise.

So slow down. Stop to smell the roses, give yourself more time in the mornings – whatever it is that’s going to stop you rushing through life, do it. You’ll be a lot happier for it!

Don’t forget to come back next week for the next instalment of ‘The Keys to Happiness’.

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