When the storm hits…

By Zoe Taylor

ThunderboltAndLighteningDid you know that the sound of thunder is actually the electricity from the lightning passing through the air, causing air particles to vibrate? The vibrations make the sound that we know as thunder. It isn’t simultaneous with the lightning flash because the speed of light is a lot faster than the speed of sound. Pretty cool, huh?

Yesterday was chaotic in Melbourne after the overnight storm that continued into the late hours of the morning. Train lines were either suspended or delayed up to 50 minutes, streets flooded, trucks overturned, people were hours late getting to school, Uni or work. Flights were delayed at Melbourne airport, lightning fires were sparked in several areas, and at 12:15pm, thousands of Victorians were still without power. There were police and highway patrol officers ensuring the safety of commuters and live news crew everywhere capturing the chaos. ‘Mother nature is not happy today’ said the radio announcer covering the event.

Obviously, this event wasn’t a great help as far as stress levels go. But it was something that was beyond the control of everyone in Melbourne, and how late you were to work was far less of an issue than whether you arrived safely.

It was a wakeup call, hearing everything that had occurred. One civilian was hit with $850,000 worth of damage to their home. Events like this really make you see the bigger picture and consider whether the things in life that are getting you down are truly worth your time.

We hope you got to where you needed to go safely, and weren’t too badly affected by the storm.

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