Missed Call Etiquette

By Zoe Taylor

Getting a missed call from  a number you don’t know is annoying. There’s no denying that. If they haven’t left you a voicemail, what’s the best way to find out who it was in the first place? Googling the number? Well, that might work but 99% of the time it doesn’t. Sending them a text saying ‘who is this?’ No, that’s unprofessional and can even come across as rude. That’s right, calling them back. That’s the only way you’ll know for sure who was calling.

When you do call them back, make sure you’re polite and state who you are and why you’re calling. Instead of ‘uh, yeah, you called me before…what was that about?’ say ‘Hi, my name is Jenny – I missed a call from you before/sorry I missed your call! I’m just calling back to find out what it was in regards to’.


Ah, the old ‘block your caller ID, call the person back and hang up as soon as they say who they are’ trick. We’re all guilty of it. But it’s unprofessional and really doesn’t get you any further than knowing who called. You can’t find out what the call was in regards to, which might be important! And never, ever pick up the next time they call, say something like ‘stop calling me!’ and hang up immediately. If the person calling turns out to be someone you have no interest in speaking to, politely excuse yourself from the conversation, and if you don’t want them to call you again, gently ask them to take you off their caller list. It’s as easy as that!

This etiquette is important to maintain at all times, especially when you’re looking for a job – what if a potential employer called you and you were rude to them when you called them back?

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