Pave your way to success by setting goals.

By Zoe Taylor

One of the best ways to get ahead and be successful in life is to set goals for yourself. Setting goals maintains your motivation, ensuring you work hard to get to where you want to go.

Long Term Goals

Think big when it comes to your long term goals. These should be things like running a highly successful business, becoming the marketing manager at the company you work at or a different company entirely, or even becoming the best event planner in Australia…or the world!

Your long term goals are goals that you seek to achieve in about three years or more. They’re the ones that you work hard for over a longer period of time.

Short Term Goals

Your short term goals should be realistic and achievable in a few months. Put simply, achieving these goals get you a few steps closer to achieving your long term goals.

Short term goals are things like obtaining a tertiary level qualification (diploma or degree) in your chosen field, securing a job that can help you build up your skills and grow professionally, or seeking out a mentor who can offer advice on your journey to success.


It’s important to set specific deadlines for your goals, because if you don’t have a date to work towards, you’re more likely to procrastinate and go off track. Having a specific day set that you know you need to achieve your goals by helps increase your motivation, thereby making the goals more achievable.


It’s a good idea to setup things to remind you of your goals on a daily basis. Print posters, schedule daily reminders on your iPhone, place post-it notes in interesting places – anything that will keep your mind on your goals and motivate you to achieve them.


If you feel at any stage that you’re going off track with your goals, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Could I be working harder on my goals?
  2. Do I need to change the wording or steps to any of my goals to make it more achievable?
  3. Have I set reasonable deadlines?
  4. Is there anything going on in my life that is getting in the way of achieving my goals?

These can help you determine how to get back onto the path to success.

Example Pathway

Below is an example of a long-term goal, running a successful bakery that caters to all dietary requirements, with a pathway of short-term goals that can help achieve it.


For help in finding the right career path for you, or for useful tips on areas including studying and finding success, call 1800 143 080 or visit to contact one of our friendly career advisors!

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