Train Your Brain

By Zoe Taylor

The brain is a great and powerful body part, and it it important that we constantly exercise it to maintain its function. Below are some helpful brain-training exercises for you to try.


Rocky Road
Some scientists believe that walking on cobble stone, gravel or some other kind of ‘rocky road’ is good for exercising your brain, because it challenges the vestibular system of the inner ear (responsible for balance and equilibrium), thereby improving its function, (source).

Try Ambidexterity
Switching up your dominant hand also challenges the brain, because you’re required to concentrate and focus harder.

Jigsaws, crosswords, word searches, sudoku…they all have at least one thing in common: they challenge your brain. Doing puzzles like these on a regular basis will help improve concentration, focus and brain function.

Word of the Day
Learning a new word every day not only expands your vocabulary, it helps strengthen your memory and exercises your brain. If you want to really challenge yourself, try learning a new language and learning a new word in the one you choose each day. Bonne chance!

Get Arty
Draw on the right side of your brain by doing some painting, sketching or playing/learning a musical instrument. Whilst strengthening the more creative side of your brain, these artistic activities also improve your overall brain function, particularly when it comes to learning.

Whether it’s a book, a blog or even a magazine, reading is highly good for brain function. It can help better your writing skills and expand your vocabulary, among other things.

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