Break Smart

By Zoe Taylor

When you’re studying, it’s highly important that you take a break, and that those breaks are effective. Have regular breaks, and make sure you set an alarm so you know when it’s time to get back to work.


Short Breaks (15-30 Minutes)

Eat Healthy
Make sure you eat something, because studying on an empty stomach can be ineffective. Don’t eat junk though, make sure you have something nice and healthy. Foods like blueberries, bananas, nuts and dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) are all good for brain health.

Exercise or Stretch
Doing ten pushups or sit-ups, or stretching your arms, legs and back help prevent soreness and poor posture. They are also good refreshers when you’ve been sitting and reading or writing for a while.

Step Away From Your Computer
Don’t go on Facebook or Twitter straight away. Stand up and walk away from your computer/portable device and go outside for a few minutes (if you weren’t already studying outside) or go and make yourself a cup of tea. After a while, then you can go back to your device and check all your social media apps.

Get Musical
If you play a musical instrument, go and mindlessly play that for 15 minutes or so. It can help ease any tension or stress, and takes your mind off the study for a few minutes while you refresh your brain. Alternatively, if you don’t play a musical instrument, draw or paint for a few minutes. It has the same effect as playing a musical instrument.

In 15 minutes you can get through a chapter or so of a good novel. Picking up the book your reading or starting a new one can help calm you and take your mind off studying, whilst keeping it active.

Long Breaks (30+ Minutes)

Spend Time With Friends
Friends are the best distractors of all. They are an excellent source of fun, and allow you to be yourself and let go, making it easier to relax and refresh before your next study session.

Watch a Movie
Pick out your favourite movie or choose one you haven’t seen yet and kick back and relax for an hour and a half or so. Similar to reading, it takes your mind off studying whilst keeping it active as you follow the plot of the film.

Go for a Run
Running releases endorphins that naturally reduce stress. You always feel better and even stronger after a good run. Not a runner? Go for a walk instead! It has the same effect, it’s just a slower, less rigorous form of exercise.

Do Some Yoga
A slightly stronger version of stretching, yoga helps you relax, and relieves tension and stress, as well as increasing your strength. Most yoga routines go for about an hour or so and leave you feeling completely refreshed and empowered, which is the best mindset to be in whilst studying!

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