Stop Procrastinating, Get Motivated!

By Zoe Taylor

Let’s be honest, we all procrastinate. It’s a part of being human. However, it can effect your studies in a negative way. It’s best to power through the procrastination and get motivated.


Stop Procrastinating…

Break the work up
A lot of the time procrastination stems from the mindset that there is just way too much to do, and then we automatically shut down and refuse to go any further. By breaking your work up into smaller tasks, you can focus on just one of these tasks at a time, making the work a lot less daunting.

Get rid of distractors
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit…they’re all distractors while you’re studying! Get rid of them for a few hours by installing a software like SelfControl on your computer so you can get to work without the risk of going on a social media tangent!

15 Minutes On, 15 Minutes Off
Start by doing 15 minutes of study at a time, and at the end of each 15 minutes, take a 15 minute break. This is a short amount of time, yet it’s long enough to get quite a bit of study done. If you happen to go over the 15 minutes while you’re studying, that’s even better (but don’t go over the 15 minutes while you’re taking a break!). Eventually you can start to increase the your study time (e.g. it 30 minutes on, 15 minutes off, 60 minutes on, 15 minutes off, and so on).

…Get Motivated!

Set Goals
By setting goals, you’re mapping out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Every time you complete a goal, the feeling of accomplishment will be so good that you will be motivated to complete another goal. Also, if you put the goals everywhere, i.e. print them out and put them up in your room, study, lounge room, save the goals as images to your phone/tablet, or even make them your desktop background, you’ll be reminded of and motivated to complete them 24/7.

Reward Yourself
Have a reward system in place for when you get things done that goes hand-in-hand with your goals. For example, for the first goal you achieve, let yourself have a chocolate bar. For the second, give yourself 20 minutes on Facebook. For the third, allow yourself 30 minutes of TV, and so on and so fourth. This gives you something positive to work towards, and can make the entire concept of studying more fun!

Open the blinds
Or better yet, go outside! It’s hard to get motivated when you’re in a dark, dull room with nothing bright or happy around you. Is it raining outside? Or is it 3am and pitch black? Then turn on all your lights and make sure the room you study in is as bright and colourful as possible. As long as you surround yourself with a beautiful, bright and colourful setting, you’ll find that you are feeling much happier and motivated. It’s all about the working environment.

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One thought on “Stop Procrastinating, Get Motivated!

  1. Great post. Very easy, useful and practical tips!! I agree, breaking tasks up into smaller chunks makes it seem so much more manageable. I like to make a list of things I need to do – then I concentrate on number 1 on the list, ignoring the others. Once number 1 is done, I tick it of (yay – feeling of accomplishment!) and can then move on to the next one. The list ensures I don’t forget all the things I need to do and, at the same time, allows me to focus on just one task at a time 🙂
    Oooh and ‘self control’ is awesome!

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